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RJOOF History

The Rev. Juliette Osborne Outreach Foundation (RJOOF) is a Christian non-profit organization, founded in January 2020 and incorporated in the state of New Jersey in August 2020.  RJOOF is named after it's founder and president Rev. Juliette Osborne.   A clergy by calling and a health professional by education and career, Rev. Juliette Osborne was faced with unsurmountable circumstances in life and had to raise a special needs child among her other children. 


Rev. Dr. Juliette Osborne, who speaks of her life experiences, shares how she endured trying times as the fabric of her life was falling apart at every turn.  She went through the loss of her job, marriage, and home, with her children going through one challenge or the other.   Her struggles did not deter her from placing her faith in God, but rather inspired her to pursue her calling, to become an ordained and licensed Reverend Minister.  Her passion to do the work of the ministry was evidenced among her family, friends and community.  Rev. Dr. Juliette also pursued her master's degree to become a family nurse practitioner (FNP-BC) and became the owner and CEO of PJO Health Services, a professional practice in Mount Laurel, NJ which offers in person services to patients and clients at the practice headquarters at Mount Laurel, NJ and remotely via telemedicine and telepsychiatry to New Jersey and Massachusetts residents.


Rev. Dr. Juliette Osborne succeccfully obtained her post graduate certificate as a psychiatric nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC) and most recently attained her Doctor of Nursing Practice, DNP degree from Gannon University as she channels her knowledge, skills and experiences to establish this non-profit foundation.  Her hope is that RJOOF will assist others, who have or are currently traveling her path of pursuing their God driven purpose, but yet need a helping hand to go through life's challenges. 


Our vision is to reach out to people in our communities and the world at large with the gospel of Jesus Christ, charitable, humanitarian initiatives and advocacy, that will help them to  recover from their past, restore and repurpose their lives, so that they can live a purpose driven life. 




Our mission is to use the preaching of the gospel, educational tools, resources and charitable initiatives to meet the needs of the less privileged in society and our community at large, one life at a time. 

About Founder

Rev. Dr. Juliette Osborne

Founder & President

Having gone through many adversities and challenges in life, Founder and President, Juliette Osborne feel blessed to have been chosen by the Lord to be a mother of an autistic child.  Her journey has inspired many as she rose above life's challenges to pursue her education, calling into ministry and career as a family (FNP-BC) and psychiatric nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC) with her own medical practice, PJO Health Services in Mount Laurel, NJ.

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Julius Osborne

Vice President

Pat ocansey pic.png

Pat Ocansey

General Secretary

Together at the Top

 The 4 R’s of RJOOF


  – Reach people with the word of God to save their souls.


 – Bring deliverance and healing to lives and break them out of bondage/addictions/destructive cycles.


 – Bring total transformation to lives by restoring them to the state God intended for them.


– Edify and build lives with the necessary knowledge, tools and resources to live a purpose driven life.

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