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Community Service

Our community service program enables individuals and students to serve in our programs by volunteering specific hours of their time to earn a class credit or meet specific assigned hours in a program they are participating in an organization.   Doing good in our community goes a long way to change lives.  Whether you are doing community service to earn class credits, court ordered or for a corrective behavior, we welcome you and challenge you to go beyond and above to make a difference in someone else's life. 


As a student community service earns you great benefits in your learning experience. 

1. It boosts your resume.

2. It improves your grades and academic performance. 

3. It helps you to create a network with others.

4. It enables you to unearth your God given potentials.

We encourage high school and college students to indulge in community service and enrich their learning experiences.  You must complete our community service paperwork for your hours and have it signed by a member of our management team in order to receive credits for the hours you volunteer at RJOOF.   


If you need to serve our community in hours to make up for a corrective incidence, or meet a court order,  please follow your organization's directives and have RJOOF complete the necessary documentation for you.

To do community service at RJOOF, contact us at for additional assistance. 

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