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Holy Bible

The Gospel 

RJOOF shares a global platform with other clergy to preach the gospel..  Rev. Juliette Osborne takes a strong leadership role to share the word of God with people to save lives, deliver them from detrimental lifestyles to live a purpose driven life.   She uses the word of God to bring restoration to many lives.  You can connect with her on her social media platforms, where she shares the word of God with the world.

Microphone, Speaking engagements

Speaking Engagement

Engaging the community in a dialogue is one of Rev. Juliette's passion.  Rev. Juliette brings awareness to various health issues as a practicing medical professional and focuses on helping people prevent illnesses or recover from them.  She is an avid champion of scientific research that will bring solutions to the health field. 

Charitable deeds


RJOOF focuses on various charitable work that brings relief to families in need.  We give food, clothing and other resources to the poor in our community.  Families in need can reach out to RJOOF for assistance. 


We support Christian missions, church outreach programs and sponsor Christian projects that advance the gospel. 


RJOOF collaborates with other organizations in the community, to combine resources, in order to make a broader impact in our society. 


Our charitable and humanitarian initiatives focuses on underprivileged communities, the poor and disadvantaged.  We do not want to leave anybody behind!  Would you care to collaborate with us to make a difference in the lives of others? 


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