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The Emmani Project

Emmani Osborne-Morrison

Emmani Osborne-Morrison

Emmani is the youngest child of Rev. Juliette Osborne.   As a special needs child with autism/duplication 15 (DUP 15), her condition has prompted and inspired Rev. Juliette Osborne to start The Emmani project. 


As a health professional, Rev. Juliette understands how science can help society to solve some of lives challenges as it relates to diseases.   


The Emmani Project (T.E.P)

 In honor of Emmani and other children around the world with Autism/Duplication 15 (Dup 15).

  • This project will focus on pursuing the Emmani Law to help families who deal with Autism/Duplication 15 (Dup 15).

  • Focus on creating awareness and research efforts to find cures for Autism/Duplication 15 (Dup 15).

  • Support families with autistic/Duplication 15 (Dup 15) dependents to become self-sufficient.

Support the Emmani Project.

Donate to provide resources to families

with a special needs child.  

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